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Mercury active backpack by Workplay

New brand Workplay bags has launched a women-specific hydration backpack for running and cycling that is designed for comfort and fit.

Not only is it a technical piece of kit designed ergonomically to fit a woman’s specific shape, but it is cute too and doubles as an active day bag.

With a six litre capacity and one and half litres of removable (and washable) TPU water bag inside, pockets for mp3 players, money, keys and snacks, and all the items a woman would want, the Mercury active backpack by Workplay has all the practical features you need for active sport, travel and leisure.

With its female-specific shaped shoulder straps that fit high above your bust and hold the bag in a really comfortable position for stability and good posture, the Mercury is just one of the stylish but clever bags designed for active women.

contact workplay on 01793 791 020

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