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Mizuno volleyball shoes: the number one choice for the sport’s top athletes

It has been an exciting period for world volleyball, with both the men and women’s World Championships reaching their climax in recent weeks.

Mizuno has been there all the way, providing essential grip and agility in the form of revolutionary footwear for the majority of competitors in both competitions.

Mizuno’s volleyball specific Wave Lightening and Tornado trainers, designed to provide superior stability and cushioning when jumping and landing, provide the world’s best volleyball players with the confidence they need in pressurised match conditions.

In the Men’s World Championships in Italy, Mizuno was the number one shoe chosen by the competitors, with over 270 players choosing the Japanese company’s blend of technical features and supreme comfort to guide them to glory.

At the Women’s World Championships in Japan, a massive 51 per cent of all players chose to take advantage of Mizuno’s technical superiority in volleyball footwear.

These overwhelming statistics confirm that Mizuno is the number one choice for the world’s elite players and teams.

Mizuno’s European promotions co-ordinator, John Hooper, commented on the brand’s ever expanding volleyball portfolio: “Volleyball is a rich part of Mizuno’s heritage.

“We are extremely proud of that and we hope that our ongoing technical expertise and support of the world’s leading teams will continue to enhance the quality of play and overall development of the sport in an exciting period as we look ahead to the next Olympic Games.”

Well known for crafting state of the art, high performance volleyball equipment, Mizuno remains committed to a number of longstanding sponsorships and continues to build an impressive portfolio within the sport.

This family of esteemed volleyball properties includes USA Volleyball, the Russian Volleyball Federation, the French Volleyball Federation, Royal Federation of Spanish Volleyball, Volleyball Canada and the Japanese Women’s Volleyball Association, as well as over 20 volleyball club teams across Europe.

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