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The Molten brand is synonymous with quality, not only because of Molten’s high manufacturing standards, but also because of the world-renowned innovation and advanced technical know-how that Molten brings to all its products, including its wide range of footballs.

The Molten ACENTEC Vantaggio soccer ball: the ultimate professional matchball
The FIFA APPROVED Molten ACENTEC Vantaggio soccer ball turned the soccer world upside down when it was introduced just over two years ago. How? With a new technology, ACENTEC, which pushes the limits of precision.

What does ACENTEC mean? ACENTEC is an acronym for Accuracy Enhancing Technology, a brand-new technology that replaces traditional hand stitching with a cross-fusion bonding technique, thereby eliminating quality variations. The result is a smooth, seamless and even surface with constant and consistent pressure to all 32 panels of the ball, making for a rounder ball, a smoother surface and perfect balance.

How does this ACENTEC technology benefit players? Vantaggio is the Italian for ‘advantage’ and there is no doubt the Molten ACENTEC Vantaggio offers players a number of unique advantages including:

1. Increased accuracy. The Molten ACENTEC Vantaggio increases accuracy by a staggering 220 per cent (when compared with other FIFA APPROVED hand-stitched soccer balls) because of its smooth, round and even surface.

2. Increased control even in wet weather. ACENTEC technology means Molten has dispensed with the hand-stitching used in the manufacture of conventional soccer balls. The absence of stitching means no holes, which in turn means no water absorption. Even in wet weather conditions, players can control the ball as easily as in good weather, as there is no weight gain.

3. Perfect balance. The Molten ACENTEC Vantaggio creates perfect balance, affording players increased control of the ball and the ball loses little of its shape or pressure after use.

Where is this technology used? The Molten patented ACENTEC technology is now used in the manufacture of official match balls for the world’s highest-level football competitions. Quite simply, the ACENTEC Vantaggio is the world’s ultimate professional matchball.

Just launched: the Molten International Match Ball
The just-launched International Match Ball FVA-4000Y, also manufactured using ACENTEC technology but in high-gloss yellow polyurethane leather, is a first-class football. It is of International Match Ball standard and retails at a very competitive price. It is proving very popular with a wide range of leagues and clubs in the UK already.

Vantaggio series: not just for professionals
Also in the Vantaggio series are a wide range of match and training balls aimed at league, club and school level. Of particular note is the Molten Vantaggio FVA-570 series. This is a superb ball for young players and is the most sought-after football by clubs and schools. It is available in size 5 and 4 and a variety of colours and is perfect for youngsters. Enhanced with a special layer of EVA foam under the skin of the ball, the Vantaggio FVA-570 is much softer than other footballs. This gives younger players greater confidence when heading the ball and it also helps to reduce the possibility of injuries. Used by Grassroots Soccer in association with Arsenal Soccer Schools for its training and coaching sessions, this ball will also be the official ball for the Easter and Spring Football Festivals 2008.

Molten indoor balls, including Futsal balls
Molten is also big in indoor footballs, ranging from felt and low bounce to FIFA APPROVED professional indoor footballs as well as Futsal balls. The very popular Molten Futsal ball is a low-bounce ball, which is hand-sewn and meets FIFA specifications. It is the must-have football for Futsal players.

Molten’s Vantaggio balls in the UK
Molten now sponsors and provides Vantaggio footballs to a range of leagues, clubs and football-related organisations in the UK, including Bedfordshire FA, Kent Football League, Kent County FA, Middlesex FA, the Spartan South Midlands Football League, Canterbury City FC, South East London Kent Football League, East Kent Youth Football League, Kent Schools’ Football Association and the Easter & Spring Festival of Football. The Vantaggio FVA-570 is also the official ball of Grassroots Soccer in association with Arsenal Soccer Schools.

For further information about the Vantaggio range or how to become a Molten retailer/distributor visit or contact Molten Sports on: 0800 298 8217. Fax: 01795 843986. Email:

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