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Mountain Equipment – Earthrise Sleeping Bags

Mountain Equipment – Earthrise Sleeping Bags

Earthrise Sleeping Bags

Recycled down, recycled fabrics; the Earthrise is our most sustainable range of sleeping bags which will give you years of excellent service. Based on the design of our best-selling Helium models, Earthrise bags are high performance products that boast both serious warmth and outstanding green credentials.

With the fantastic drape, softness and lustre usually associated only with fabrics made from virgin

materials, our Earthrise fabrics are environmentally-sound fabrics with a performance heritage. 20D yarns combine to make a very wind resistant, comfortable, and downproof fabric which has sustainability chops that are hard to beat. And, at 45 g/m2 it won’t weigh you down.

Sustainability and performance combine in a soft, breathable and durable lining fabric that is 100% recycled and weighs just 59 g/m2. Environmental benefits without sacrificing function or aesthetic.

Down Cycle®

The recycled down used in our Earthrise range comes entirely from post-consumer goods – unwanted clothing and bedding collected by waste recycling companies throughout Europe. Our recycled down has exceptional environmental credentials while maintaining superb performance.

The down is sourced from a European facility powered by solar power which sorts and separates post-consumer down and feather products that were otherwise destined for landfill. The down and feather is washed in a plant with extremely efficient water recycling, and then it is graded for quality. We buy only the finest grade of recycled down, in excess of 700 fill power, guaranteeing not only an ethical purchase but a high performance one.

More information can be found here.

Mountain Equipment – Earthrise Sleeping Bags A Good Nights Sleep Guaranteed

So confident are we that our sleeping bags will keep your warm and comfortable, that in addition to the EN13537/ISO23537 laboratory ratings we quote, every Mountain Equipment sleeping bag comes with a separate ‘A Good Night’s Sleep

Guaranteed’ temperature rating. Should you decide that the sleeping bag you’ve purchased is not as warm as you’d expected it to be we’ll upgrade your bag, if one is available, to one of a warmer specification.


Earthrise sleeping bags are available in a range of different models with recommended minimum temperatures of -9 °C to -2 °C. Both men’s and women’s models are available in Regular and Long lengths, and with left or right zipped versions.

Earthrise 400 (Men’s and Women’s)
Earthrise 600 (Men’s and Women’s)

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