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Need logistics!!! Import Services should be your first call.

If you manufacture your goods abroad and need a retail logistics partner to manage your route to major and multiple retailers, independent stores or direct to consumer in the UK and Continental Europe, Import Services should be your first call.

Import Services manages retail supply chains, from product origin, to customer delivery and our Distribution Centres are located in Southampton, which is the first UK port of call for container ships plying from the Far East, to Northern Europe.

The benefits of partnering with Import Services include:

Deferred VAT and Duty – With Import Services’ Port-centric model you gain access to a valuable business edge… cash flow! All our DC’s across 70,000 pallet slots are bonded and with stock managed by us under CFSP, you only pay duty and VAT on the product you have made the sale on and even then, only after the order is despatched en route to your customers.

Pay as you go – With Import Services the transactional nature of our services, mean you only pay when you use them. No more concerns either about lack of space or paying for empty warehouse areas, giving you the opportunity to focus on what you do best… product development and sales!

Port-centric Operations – The Port-centric model is optimum for the new world of retail logistics. Your customers, irrespective of Majors, Multiples, Indi Stores, E-Commerce, Drop Shippers / Resellers or individual Consumers, are all ordering little and often. This means risk and cost of supply is increasing. Therefore you need your supply chain to be flexible and capable of managing multiple routes to Market, efficiently. Port-centric Retail Logistics with Import Services, is the answer.

Our innovative warehouse management system, TRAC, gives you the advantage over your competition. Information flow is now central to the new world of retail logistics. At Import Services TRAC gives you the ability to access, monitor, download and decide in real time, from wherever you connect to us, via the Web.

Import Services is an integral part of the new retail world. We understand the demands on your business, because we work closely with your customers including Amazon, Argos, Tesco, John Lewis, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Toys R Us, Waitrose, American Golf, W H Smiths, Toymaster, Clintons, George, Halfords, Shop Direct, The Entertainer, Smyths and many more.

Wake up to the future of logistics with Import Services.
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