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New MP Focus Swim Snorkel Delivers Improved Performance

Designed to help increase lung capacity and improve swim technique, the new MP Focus Swim Snorkel is the first competitive swim training aid from the newly created MP brand. With increased performance capability at the heart of this new brand, the MP Focus Swim Snorkel has a unique shape, enabling it to be more comfortable, stable and aerodynamic than existing swim-specific snorkels.

The MP brand is a collaboration between Aqua Sphere, the premier swimming equipment manufacturer for fitness and recreational swimming, aquatic exercise and triathlons, and Michael Phelps, the most decorated swimmer of all-time and his Coach Bob Bowman. Both men are providing expert technical input and testing to enable Aqua Sphere to create a new line of technical products for competitive swimmers which distinguish themselves from other technologies by offering improved performance. “My decision to partner with Aqua Sphere and launch the MP brand was driven by the opportunity to enhance the technical aspects of swimming products available in the marketplace,” says Phelps.

Useful for all swimmers who wish to increase their cardiovascular strength and lung capacity, the MP Focus Swim Snorkel has a unique low profile hydrodynamic tube which reduces drag and eases breathing. Its adjustable lightweight head bracket with integrated cushion ensures a comfortable fit and its silicone Comfo-Bite mouth piece helps to prevent jaw fatigue. By eliminating the need to turn the head to breathe, swimmers can focus on swim technique and body position, concentrating on elements such as core rotation through the swim stroke, relaxed arm strokes and a consistent kick
Other product features include a one way purge valve which is positioned to maximise clearing of excess water. Available now from good swim retailers in a choice of two colour ways and in a Small Fit option, the MP Focus Swim Snorkel is SRP £24.99. A resistor cap is also available separately (RRP £4.99) which restricts breathing by 40%.

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