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Novak Djokovic takes the ultimate speed challenge at HEAD Graphene Speed racquet showcase

Novak Djokovic showcased the benefits of his new HEAD Graphene Speed tennis racquet recently by hitting a HEAD ATP tennis ball that travelled faster than an Audi R8 LMS GT3 race car driven by Australian GT race car driver Dean Grant at Melbourne’s Sandown race track.

Always jovial, Djokovic waited anxiously on the track after the green flag was waved to signal the start of the ultimate speed challenge.

As the Audi R8 sped towards him, Djokovic simultaneously served the ball, which crossed the line ahead of the car.

After the challenge, Novak spoke about his preparations for the Australian Open and the importance of his new HEAD Graphene Speed racquet for his game: “I look forward to playing with my new racquet at the Australian Open.

“It feels lighter, but provides me with maximum speed and control on each swing.

“And I love the new design, too.”

Graphene is a unique material consisting of a single two dimensional layer of carbon atoms.

Although it’s extremely lightweight, it has a breaking strength 200 times greater than steel.

The integration of Graphene in the racquet shaft allowed HEAD engineers to reduce weight in the middle part of the tennis racquet and shift it to areas in the grip and head instead.

As a result, the racquet becomes easier to swing and with less effort more power is generated.??

A new HEAD viral film featuring Djokovic trying his new weapon of choice in an unusual secret testing session can be viewed at

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