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Orca launches 2011 wetsuit collection

The world’s most popular range of triathlon and open water swimming wetsuits just got better with the launch of the 2011 Orca Speedsuit collection.

Working with leading triathletes, including double Ironman world champions Chris McCormack and Craig Alexander, and double ITU world champion Emma Moffatt, Orca’s research and development team has updated the entire wetsuit range.

“We always want to keep innovating and never rest on our laurels,” explains Orca CEO and chief wetsuit designer Scott Unsworth.

“With the new range we wanted to once again raise the bar and maintain our reputation as the leader in triathlon wetsuit design.

“By having some of the world’s best triathletes racing and training in our wetsuits day in, day out we get fantastic technical feedback and ideas.

“Our customers and retailers around the world also provide great information and inspiration.

“The result is wetsuits that we know provide more performance in the water than ever before, and a range that is tailored to the different needs of triathletes.”


The initial Orca Alpha quickly became a favourite amongst pros around the world, thanks to its standout flexibility and design.

The latest generation Alpha retains the FreeStroke 3 system of Nano-coated SCS 1.5-2mm #40 Cell Yamamoto neoprene panels around the arms, shoulders and back.

A key new feature is the addition of the Exo-Cell Buoyancy System on the butt area of the suit – designed to provide strong swimmers with buoyancy assistance without affecting swim performance.

Designed originally for the long distance triathlon swimmer, the 3.8 has become the wetsuit of choice for those looking for higher levels of buoyancy.

Having first introduced Aerodome to triathlon wetsuits, Orca has now developed the Exo-Cell Buoyancy System – 25 per cent more buoyant than Aerodome and used in carefully positioned panels to optimise the swimming position.

The flexibility of the wetsuit has also been enhanced with the addition of #40 Cell Yamamoto neoprene arm panels.

The Sonar has been the benchmark intermediate level wetsuit for more than five years and now benefits from increased buoyancy thanks to Aerodome panels on the core and lower legs, as well as a re-engineered arm and shoulder construction.

Packed with features that were only found in top-end wetsuits a few years ago, the Sonar offers a balance of performance features and value for money. There is also a long john/sleeveless option in some markets.

Designed to provide open water swimming performance at an accessible price point, the Equip has been completely redesigned, with a focus on excellent levels of flexibility and a standout design.

Flexible SCS-coated Yamamoto #39 cell neoprene is used in 2mm panels across the front, shoulders and arms of the wetsuit, while the entire wetsuit has been upgraded to be constructed entirely from neoprene, with no jersey panels.

The entry level S3 has proved hugely popular with those just starting out in triathlon, budgeting their spend across all the gear they need.

The design of the S3 has been refreshed, while there is also a long john/sleeveless option available in some markets.

Orca has developed a new online wetsuit sizing and selector tool to assist those researching wetsuits online.

The tool allows people to enter key measurements and sizing parameters, and then use a unique system to match their body type.

An algorithm then calculates the most likely wetsuit sizing.

Triathletes can also compare the purpose and features of the Orca Speedsuit range, and see which one best meets their needs.

“Two of the most common questions people ask us are: what size wetsuit should I get, and which wetsuit would be best for me” explains Scott.

“Everyone is a different shape and size, so on paper what looks like the right wetsuit size could, in reality, not be correct.

“Based on 20 years of wetsuit design and fitting data, we’ve created what we believe is a unique tool that will be of real help to triathletes and retailers.”

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