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Oxygen – the totally fair advantage

Have you ever stopped to wonder why you breathe heavier when you start to run, and that the harder you go at it the more you gasp for air? The simple answer is your body is crying out for its most essential nutrient – oxygen.

Under stress and physical exertion, the body’s requirement for oxygen increases substantially to counteract oxygen debt and keep mind and body in peak performance. Without a sufficient supply of oxygen you simply cannot perform to the peak of your ability, but with an enhanced oxygen supply you can extend your peak performance because, taken at the right time and in the right amount, oxygen has the unique ability to boost athletic performance and speed up recovery after exertion.

Until recently it wasn’t possible to supplement your oxygen levels naturally or without the use of compressed gas cylinders. Now it is possible with Sports OxyShot.

Impressively endorsed and recommended by athletes and coaches from across the sporting spectrum, Sports OxyShot provides the body with a welcome boost of oxygen when you need it most. The secret of OxyShot lies in CSO2™ Charged Stabilised Oxygen – a space-age technology pioneered by NASA. Presented in the form of a pH balanced electrolyte solution, CSO2™ represents a genuine breakthrough in oxygen technology. Produced exclusively from natural ingredients, OxyShot can be taken orally to increase oxygen levels in the body, and as an added bonus contains absolutely zero calories.

Available in handy liquid 10ml sachets or in 250ml bottles, Sports OxyShot is fast becoming an essential piece of kit for all active lifestyles.

Call 01527 857 920 or visit to find out how you and your customers can enjoy the benefits of Sports OxyShot.

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