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Physicool supports the London Marathon

Physicool will be helping runners to remain cool and keep on running at this year’s Virgin London Marathon.

The company supplies an innovative range of reusable cooling bandages that administer instant cooling, compression and support.

Summer sees the highest volume of reported leg, knee and foot injuries.

To get runners back on their feet supply Physicool cooling bandages and coolant.

Physicool’s cooling affect works by drawing heat away, providing instant treatment for inflammation, bruising and damaged muscle tissue while combating pain.

Physicool is ideal for:
• Combating quad and calf strain injuries.
• Soothing knee pains.
• Speeding up ankle strain recovery.

The greater the inflammation and heat within an injury, the faster and more effective Physicool’s cooling properties work.

Physicool has become a staple ingredient of every athlete and physio’s kit, providing all the benefits of a cooling aid, but without the need for refrigeration and the common problems associated with ice.

Because the bandage is fastened to the injured limb, it provides consistent, ergonomic relief, thus aiding recovery time.

Each reusable bandage is initially charged with two-three hours’ cooling.

Physicool’s unique cooling affects will still be felt long after removal, making it a perfect solution for all strains, sprains and knocks.

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Click here to see how to apply physicool

Available from the Reydon Sports catalogue, page 173.

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