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Polar RS800 G3

Polar Electro (UK) Ltd has unveiled a new innovative GPS device that will allow serious athletes and adventurers to challenge their body and analyse their performance over a multitude of sports and terrains. The G3 GPS sensor has been developed to accompany the company’s impressive heart rate monitor, the RS800, and create the most advanced training management system for any genuine athlete, triathlete or adventurer.

Combining Polar’s pioneering heart rate monitoring expertise with the most accurate and defined global positioning system, the elite-level RS800 and G3 sensor complete the most comprehensive planning and analysis tool for anyone who enjoys training. Incorporating a SIRF-III GPS chipset, the G3 sensor tracks movement travelled, before displaying this as speed and distance on the lucid screen of the RS800, providing essential information to help interpret physical output and track progress.

The compact and lightweight G3 module has been designed to withstand the harshest conditions and handle the most extreme adventure sports. The wireless, water resistant sensor can be used in water, on land, up mountains, on snow or over sea and can be worn around the waist, on the arm or even carried in a back pack. Regardless of the conditions, it will not interfere with any training – no limits, no problem. Polar now offers you the perfect choice of training tool, depending on your training needs. The existing s3 stride sensor is ideal for running specific performance as it analyses your stride to help improve your running technique. However, the new G3 GPS sensor provides speed and distance in all terrestrial outdoor sports.

By adding the G3, either as an additional extra to the award winning RS800 or as a complete package, this new training system provides endurance athletes with a truly personal and indispensable training partner. Taking heart rate-based training to a new level, the RS800 intelligent features allow athletes to enhance their training by providing personalised data about their body. Amongst a host of performance features, the RS800 interprets personal calorie and energy expenditure over one or many sessions and determines individual exercise zones. With beat-to-beat heart rate information recorded with millisecond resolution, athletes will not miss data from a second of their exercise with the Polar RS800 and G3 sensor.

Analysis between training sessions is taken to a new level by using a ground-breaking set of planning and analysis tools, Polar’s ProTrainer 5™, to update and download the personal data. The most advanced and dynamic training and planning software on the market, the main functions of this Windows-based software allow athletes to plan and monitor their training progress, keep a diary and record of past sessions as well as transfer preset training settings and reminders to the wrist unit.

Polar’s iconic RS800 and G3 are available from the end of September at leading sports stores at a manufacturer’s recommended retail price of £384.50 for the complete package (this does not include the S3 stride sensor). Bought separately, the G3 accessory is available for £124.50.

For more information on Polar’s new RS800 G3 sensor, or to gain a further insight into how Polar’s heart rate monitors can help you achieve your training goals, visit

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