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Portaski will take a weight off your shoulders

Do you get ‘piste off’ carrying you and your children’s skis around the slopes?

Well fret no more – with the new ski season fast approaching and family ski holiday plans being finalised, Portaski has the answer.

Available at £19.95 (including postage and packaging), Portaski makes the strain and struggle of carrying skis a thing of the past.

With its ergonomic design and patented wheel-sled, Portaski allows your skis to be effortlessly transported on any terrain.

With a revolutionary design, the lightweight pocket-sized device carries up to 70 per cent of the weight of your skis and takes just seconds to attach in three easy steps – remove the tray from the handle, place your ski tails on the tray and secure with velcro straps, and simply attach the handle to your skis.

Portaski means the challenge of toiling with the entire family’s skis to and from the slopes is no more. Not only that, but Portaski helps protect your skis, making damage caused by dragging a distant memory.

Portaski works perfectly on skis of all sizes, so is the must-have ski carrying accessory for both adults and children alike.

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