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PureLime launches intelligent sports bra

PureLime has launched a product that could change the face of the sports bra sector and give retailers a real boost.

The 0096 Compression Bra HRM (RRP £44.99) is designed to incorporate a heart rate monitor (HRM).

HRMs are a must for anyone serious about getting fit, as they allow the user to tailor their exercise regime to achieve the best results, whether it’s burning fat or general wellbeing.

The problem with HRM transmitters, particularly for women, is that the chest strap, which until now has had to be worn next to the skin, can prove uncomfortable.

What better answer then than a sports bra that supports the breasts and also allows women to exercise with maximum efficiency?

The new bra is the result of PureLime teaming up with Clothing+, a pioneer in the field of textile electronics and sensors, to create a bra design that allows any leading brand of HRM transmitter to be attached to the outside of the bra so it can then wirelessly send data to a monitor watch, gym training system or even a mobile phone.

It’s great news for retailers too, as they can now stock a sports bra that stands out from the rest, offers a very healthy 120 per cent mark-up and makes it much easier for them to sell HRMs to women.

For more information call 01697 742 711 or visit

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