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Raleigh Launches New Motus E-bike Collection

Raleigh, the iconic British cycling brand, has unveiled a brand new collection of its popular leisure e-bikes, Motus.

Taking its name from the latin definition of motion, Motus is a complete and versatile range of e-bikes that has been designed for comfort and easy riding, making cycling experiences more enjoyable than ever before.

The collection has been designed to empower cyclists of all ages and abilities to jump in the saddle and facilitate the love of riding.

An early adopter in the world of electric bikes, Raleigh has used its extensive experience and expertise to create a range of electric bikes that deliver for cyclists new and old. The collection, which has been designed with the rider in mind and using the latest technologies, features the Raleigh Motus, Raleigh Motus Tour and Raleigh Motus Grand Tour, all available in multiple colourways.

Each e-bike in the collection uses a trusted Bosch motor, the Motus and Motus Tour e-bikes use the Bosch Active Line motor whilst the Motus Grand Tour uses the Bosch Active Line Plus motor. Both motors are perfect for city riding, surfaced roads or cycle paths and are designed to fit in with everyday life. The Active Line Plus range gives a little extra, offering extra assistance on moderate inclines making light work of elevated commutes.

The new Motus uses a Bosch PowerPack 300 which offers reliable, long lasting energy storage. The Motus Tour and Grand Tour ranges use the PowerPack 400; it allows you to travel a little further. The batteries offer a reliable, long life battery with ergonomic designs and a minimum range of 50km.

The range’s Bosch e-bike displays offer everything needed on a ride. The new Motus’ use either the Purion or Intuvia displays, both include five riding modes plus walk assistance. They are also splash proof and are easily operated from the handlebars on the ebike for easy control on every ride.

The Motus range truly provides effortless cycling. From nipping to the shops, riding with family or cycling with those of different abilities, the Motus collection is geared to suit all lifestyles, reinjecting that love for two wheels.

Cyclists are encouraged to visit to book a test ride with their closest Raleigh electric store and trial the new collection to enjoy the full e-bike experience.

Terry Blackwood, Product Manager at Raleigh said: “We’ve taken our previous ranges of electric bikes and combined all of the best technology and the specific features needed to create a new electric bike that everyone can love.

“All three bikes are incredibly useable which means cyclists can really make the most of their e-bike. Whether it’s a leisurely weekend ride or a city commute, the Motus range will perform beyond expectation on every ride,”

Discover the new Motus range at now.

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