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RESPONSEBALL launches new and improved TOUCH ball

The size and shape of a regular premium ball, the latest TOUCH ball’s unique, patent pending construction gives it unpredictable flight and movement, both in the air and on the ground.

When kicked it will dip and swerve and when served at a lower speed it will wobble and bobble up, providing deviation and unpredictability even on the flattest of surfaces.

This means you can replicate unpredictable and uneven activity on a perfectly flat surface like astro turf or an indoor gym floor.

It is the ideal ball for goalkeepers working on reactions, shot stopping, handling, movement and coordination.

For outfield player training, the TOUCH is perfect for developing control, touch, receiving a pass and dribbling.

It also helps with concentration, movement, footwork, foot/eye coordination and reactions.

Inventor Glenn Robertson says: “In the new RESPONSEBALL TOUCH we have created a product with many enhanced features from the original design.

“The result is unquestionably our most innovative ball technology to date and hence we are confident that top professionals right down to grass roots level players will improve their game with the TOUCH.”

The TOUCH is available in sizes 4 and 5.

For information about stocking RESPONSEBALL call distributor Flicx UK on 01295 816765 or email

You can see the balls in action as well as find detailed product descriptions at

Twitter: @responseball


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