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RESPONSEBALL unveils new line-up

With specialist goalkeeping products continuing to give the football sector a much needed boost, sports retailers will be delighted to hear that RESPONSEBALL returns for the new season with a new-look three-model line-up.

The new range sees the brand improve and expand on its original product, a football with strategically placed bumps designed to develop keepers’ reactions, movement and coordination skills thanks to vagaries in bounce.

Like all the best ideas, it was simple in concept and highly effective in practice.

Now, though, there are three new RESPONSEBALLS: the Origin, Elite and Max.

The Origin is an improved version of the original RESPONSEBALL.

Quite simply, it bounces higher and lasts longer than its predecessor, thanks to developments in its construction, while the addition of an Air-Locking system means it also retains its shape longer.

New cosmetics will also make it a real eye-catcher in store.

• High bounce.
• Air-Locking system.
• Hand-stitching.
• PU/PVC construction.
• Available in sizes 4 and 5.
• RRP: £18.

The Elite is targeted at top-end keepers, from rising academy stars to semi and full pros.

Its 100 per cent PU, four-layer textured grain, hand-stitched construction guarantees consistently high performance and bounce.

The Elite is also perfectly spherical and extremely durable, even under relentless pressure from the game’s finest stoppers.

• 100 per cent PU, four-layer textured grain construction.
• Butyl valve using Air-Locking system.
• Hand-stitching.
• Eight-wing latex bladder.
• Available in size 5 only.
• RRP: £28.

The Max is a totally new addition. This heavy, low-bouncing ball is designed to improve handling, strength and aid core training.

At 1kg it’s twice as heavy as a regular ball. A logical yet inspired development that means many coaches will now want at least two types of RESPONSEBALL in their kitbag.

• Hand-stitching.
• Two-tone finish.
• Available in size 5 only.
• RRP: £35.

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