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Ronhill: stock around the clock

Ronhill has launched the Infinite Collection, a brand new range of running wear supported by a distinctive new livery, freshly designed swing tickets and a full marketing campaign.

In addition, the Infinite range will always be in stock and available to order 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By incorporating the core running products the range can bridge all Ronhill collections and so fill those awkward stock gaps immediately with just a confirmation order, either by phone or email.

Commenting on the collection, Oliver Carter, Ronhill’s marketing manager, said: “This collection is the answer to the problems caused when the most popular of our products sell out and there is suddenly a break in the range that can affect an important sale, especially when orders can be made post-free around the clock.

“With more and more people taking up running as their preferred exercise, perhaps at the expense of gym memberships when the domestic budget shrinks, the flexibility of the Infinite Collection takes on an even greater significance for retailers when key items have sold out and that sale may be lost as a result.

“We believe in these challenging times it is key for Ronhill to offer the retailer the clear prospect of making the most of sales and margins but, at the same time, with the minimum of stock risk.”

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