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Ronhill Women’s Tech Race Vest

Race day ready. From the creators of the mesh race day vest the Women’s Tech Race Vest is our latest, lightest and fastest running vest for when performance matters. Made with bonded construction.

The hours of training & preparation. The fast runs and the recovery ones. It all comes down to the racing day. In Ronhill, we understand the importance of having a race vest that just works, for the day it matters the most, like the Women’s Tech Race Vest. Performance ready, the Tech Race Vest has been made with bonded construction to avoid unnecessary frictions on the day. Highly lightweight and breathable. Our aim; to keep you focused on the race.


  • Made from recycled yarns
  • Super lightweight and breathable
  • Wicking
  • Bonded construction
  • Reflective
  • Relaxed fit



Redfern House
Dawson Street
SK14 1RD

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