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Rucanor expands bandage range

Rucanor is expanding its bandage range with the introduction of E-tex bandages, which have been integrated with Kinesio taping.

Kinesio taping is used by a lot by physiotherapists and has been used in top sport all over the world.

E-Tex means elastic textile. E-Tex is easy to wear and to put on.

“Rucanor has asked me to test the E-Tex support line,” says brand ambassador and gymnast Jeffrey Wammes.

“My sport asks a lot of my body – from arm, shoulder and elbow to knee, ankles and feet.

“Of course, I need to be fit. Otherwise it will decrease my performance.

“That’s the reason I was very happy to test this unique bandage line.

“The special Kinesio taping in the products will help me to practice my sport perfectly.

“Unfortunately, I also get injured sometimes. I twisted my knee while I was jumping recently.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the Rucanor Kinesio bandages, but the special knee support could have speeded up my recovery.

“The Kinesio bandage means my body can work naturally and while I’m exercising my body is capable of curing itself.”

For more information call Rucanor Sports on 0845 230 0147 or email

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