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Running Glasses Armour EASSUN, CAT 3 Solar Lens, Adjustable and Lightweight

The Armour EASSUN glasses are the latest release from the brand in their running glasses collection.

This model stands out for its small cylindrical lens, water-repellent and CAT 3 solar protection, its ventilation system through Airflow® technology that prevents fogging, and its nose piece adaptable to the unique size of each nose. The design used results in a lightweight pair of glasses with a net weight of 24 grams. They are recommended for any athlete practicing any form of running.
Adjustable and Lightweight CAT 3 Sunglasses for Running

This product’s construction is characterized by its Category 3 solar lens and, in turn, the nose piece, which adjusts according to each person’s specific measurements.

Moreover, this design facilitates the acquisition of an extremely lightweight accessory.

The combination of features of this model is ideal for all individuals who practice any discipline of running.

CAT 3 Solar Glasses

Today, solar lenses are divided into specific groups (0, 1, 2, 3, and 4). This classification is determined by the visible light absorption capacity of each lens.

Specifically, this model belongs to Category 3, as it can absorb between 82% and 91% of existing solar rays.

In essence, they are ideal for use in environments with intense light, including light reflected off water or snow.

Adjustable Nasal Piece for Maximum Comfort

One of the most significant features of this product is the inclusion of an adjustable bridge located on the nose, adapting to each individual’s specific dimensions.

Consequently, this feature makes them non-slip, as they fit better to your face.

Therefore, this feature is crucial for achieving excellent comfort due to its thorough customization to each individual.

Lightweight Glasses

Acquiring a lightweight accessory translates into undeniable comfort and complete performance optimization.

Taking this into account, EASSUN has designed a model that enhances this fact by lacking a spoiler on the top and bottom and featuring a limited-sized lens.

Ultimately, the brand has succeeded in achieving this initial purpose, as it offers a lightweight pair of glasses with a unique weight of 24 grams.

4 Different Combinations

The Armour EASSUN running glasses come in 4 different compositions that provide a wide range of options, following the latest trends in the market.

  • 02901: Silver decorates both the frame and the lens.
  • 02902: Gold-yellow lens accompanies the glossy black frame.
  • 02903: Bright white and red are the selected color schemes for the frame and lens, respectively.
  • 02904: The lens is blue and the frame is glossy black.

Product Features:

Learn about the most technical aspects of this model:

  • Grilamid® is the material used for frame manufacturing.
  • Polycarbonate is used for the lens, which is also water repellent.
  • These are lightweight running glasses with a net weight of only 24 grams.

Small Cylindrical Lens

The limited size of the lens and its peripheral shape create superior visibility compared to other items of the same type, without compromising on lightweight, one of the most valued features of this accessory.

Exclusive Ventilation System Design

When engaging in any physical activity with sports sunglasses, it is common for sweat to form inside the lens. This, undoubtedly, occurs in a very uncomfortable situation, as it impairs the athlete’s visibility to the point of having to stop their exercise. With all this context exposed, EASSUN has introduced Airflow® technology, a mechanism that, through certain holes in the lens, prevents fogging, as its design allows for continuous evaporation of sweat. In addition to all its technical advantages, aesthetically, it is a model in line with current stylistic standards resulting in 5 combinations (four with Category 3 solar lens and water repellent and one with photochromic lens) of innovative and distinguished style. Unlike the Fartlek EASSUN running glasses, the Armour EASSUN glasses have a smaller size, prompting the brand to offer a complete variety in its running glasses collection so that any face size can have a model that fits perfectly.

Product Details

Type of Glasses
Type of Lens/es
Kind of Sport
Nose Bridge Adjustable
Ventilation System: Airflow® Technology
Frame Material
Grilamid TR-90
24 gr.
Lens Category
Lens/es Material

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