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Skins expands cycle range With ‘C400’

Following the well-received launch last year of its first cycle range, high-tech Australian firm Skins is introducing seven garments in a new line, ‘C400’, and five more products to its current ‘Cycle Pro’ range (all available late-March).

C400 has only been made possible through major leaps in technology by Skins and includes the world’s first ever cycle-specific compression jerseys. Both ranges also include the company’s first non-compression tops for use in conjunction with gradient compression baselayers.

With C400, laser body mapping and motion capture were used to take 800,000 individual measurements and assess 400 key body-fitting points on hundreds of athletes.

The use of a state-of-the-art, multi-sensor measuring device – for the first time ever in the sporting goods industry – enabled compression to be calculated accurately on athletes in-motion – not just when static.

This increased level of precision has not only led to new designs, but a greatly enhanced fit in Skins cycle garments. It’s also resulted in the two C400 cycle-specific compression jerseys, which mean that riders now have the opportunity to wear a full Skins cycle-specific outfit – from top to bottom.

These jerseys offer all the benefits of a Skins gradient compression top, but with the added bonus of rear drop hems. In addition, both the short and longsleeve version offer increased muscle stability gained from new flatlock seams, while the longsleeve option not only provides greater forearm support but, with the improved blood flow through Skins’ dynamic gradient compression, helps reduce arm pump.

The jerseys are designed to be worn on their own next to the skin. However, for those riders who don’t want the full skinsuit look, but still want the gradient compression benefits, Skins has developed a two-layer system.

This means wearing a C400 compression baselayer – a longsleeve jersey or tanktop – both of which feature a full mesh panel, centre front and centre back. These panels align and work with matching panels on the non-compression jerseys in both ranges.

This means that, when base layer and jersey are worn together, the system offers all the circulation benefits of Skins gradient compression, but with the look of a classic cycle jersey. To complete the C400 line-up, the company has also added a 100 per cent windproof gillet/vest.

In the existing Skins Cycle Pro range, there’s new three-quarter bib tights, compression arm sleeves and compression leg sleeves, plus black/grey colour alternatives to the existing four (shorts/longs/bib shorts and bib longs) garments’ black/yellow option.

As well as these new cycle garments, Skins has introduced its new RY400 recovery tights and top. Wearing these garments after sport or prolonged exercise can help eliminate muscle soreness and improve muscle recovery time. Skins recommends wearing them for at least three hours to get the best results – they can also be slept in. The tights are available in graphite, the top in graphite and white.

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