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Somnio to unveil the NADA at TCR show

Somnio is to launch its minimalist running shoe, the NADA, at the TCR show, which takes place at Sandown Park, Surrey on February 11-13.

The shoe will be available at Apex Sports on stand I19.

Complete with a zero heel to toe drop and weighing in at only 3.5oz, the NADA (No Anterior Drop Applied) is not just a shoe, it’s a starter kit for those who want to include minimalist training in their running routine.

The kit was designed to increase foot strength, improve posture and alignment, increase running efficiency and reduce injury in the long term.

Along with the NADA, it comes with a training and strengthening programme created by Phil Wharton of Wharton Performance.

Wharton is a world renowned musculoskeletal therapist and stretching guru who works with both Olympic calibre and everyday athletes.

He developed the NADA training DVD to help lead runners through strengthening exercises and develop drills in order to help make a safe and pain-free transition into minimalist running.

“We see so many people jumping right into minimalist running without proper conditioning, often resulting in injury,” says Wharton.

“With the DVD, we’re providing NADA customers with an owner’s guide to minimalist running, and empowering runners to stay in the game and stay healthy.”

“With NADA, we’re not just providing an amazing shoe, but also providing the information to help people get the right start,” says Sean Sullivan, president and founder of Somnio.

“Whether they are adding minimalist running to their current exercise programme or are just looking to make a change, our minimalist running starter pack provides all of the tools they need.”

The NADA retails for £75 and is ideal for runners, yoga practitioners, walkers and anyone wanting a shoe that feels like they are wearing nothing.

It features an ultra-thin six millimetre midsole to protect the foot, breathable stretch mesh to move with the foot and to accommodate a wide variety of foot shapes, and zero heel to midsole drop for a natural foot position.

Somnio will be introducing NADA as an additional feature in three of its models: NADA, Runaissance, and Exact Change.

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