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Spalding TF-33 Redbull Half Court Composite Basketball

The Tf-33 Redbull Half Court ball has been designed for the 3×3 game under the Redbull event hand. From the TF family comes this lightweight and dynamic ball for 6-a-side matches that offers a more competitive game.


o Exceptional grip on exclusive 3 x 3 panel design.
o Full ball pebbling.
o Soft feel.
o Designed for competitive play.
o Traditional characteristics.
o SHIPPED UNINFLATED: You will need a stain to inflate the balloon.

Spalding’s Top Flite (TF) marks symbolize premium product and have a rich history of leading the way in the category. We are expanding the TF experience to more products so that players can experience the innovation, quality and performance that Spalding consistently delivers. Spalding is evolving, but always staying true to our drive for perfection. The TF story started in the 1950s with premium basketballs, volleyballs and golf products. Since then, the TF mark led the way with new innovations such as synthetic leather, wider and deeper channels, moisture management and cushioned covers. The TF shield not only speaks to the past decades of innovation, quality and perfor-mance, but also to our future. Spalding will continue to be the leader in basketball as we extend our TF authority.

Red Bull Half Court TF-33 Composite Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

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