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Sunwise Waterloo

Awarded Best British Export in 2007 for its product and design, the Sunwise brand has unveiled its latest sunglasses solution – ChromaFusion, lightweight, protective, anti-glare photo-chrometre frames. The product has been launched as a result of demand from British water rescue teams working above sea level and the problem faced by cyclists and runners racing through mountains, forests and lakes and experiencing ever-changing light conditions.

Designed and made in the UK, The Sunwise Waterloo fitted with ChromaFusion lenses offers a unique and progressive light-reacting cells system and features:
• ChromaFusion superior optical assets with high contrast for a clear world
• ChromaFusion anti-glare blocks any reflected light from surfaces and water
• 100% UVA & UVB protection
• Interchangeable optional lenses
• Impact resistance
• Sunwise Bulldog Anti-Scratch hard coatings
• Flexible and ultra-lightweight frame
• Panoramic view coverage for greater protection
• Tolerant to both low and high temperatures. Durable for extreme environments.

For more details contact your sales agent or call Sunwise on 01865-714620. Alternatively, visit

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