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Sync Box from Jordan Fitness

Plyometric training can give you a great work out.

All that jumping and stepping is perfect for boosting power, strength, stamina, balance and your cardiovascular system.

But while the movement’s good, the landing’s less so. If you’re using a hard box, the impact going up through your feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back is significant. And if you miss your footing, hard sides, corners and edges can hurt like hell!

That’s why Jordan Fitness has focussed on the landing as well as the motion of jumping with the Sync Box. The Sync Box’s strong, sturdy platform is covered in soft but hard-wearing, impact absorbing and non-slip materials. So the sides, corners and edges are all forgiving to prevent bumps and bruises.

In fact, the real fitness magic is in this impact absorbing cover. It minimises the shock to your joints and maximises the benefits to your core, forcing your muscles to adapt quickly while improving your balance.

The Sync Box, you’ll find it’s a hit, even if you miss your footing. So jump right in.

• Impact absorbing platform boosts balance, core strength and muscle adaptability
• Soft sides, corners and edges prevent joint stress and minor knock injuries
• Sturdy platform and non-slip base ensure safe landing – ideal for all ages and abilities
• Lightweight, so easy to move and use
• Red/Black Colourway
• Size: 800mm x 800mm x 500mm.

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