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Taylors Football Souvenirs. Customer Testimonials

Taylors Football Souvenirs. Customer Testimonials

Thank you very much
I would like to thank you for your top of the league performance within the league of distribution, wholesale, logistics, fulfillment, operations, customer service and the like. Year in and year out you really put in a stellar performance, no other way to describe it than top of the league. We work with around 30 suppliers scattered across Europe. Over the years we have probably been in touch with at least double that amount. Thus the evaluation does not stem from nothing, it is based on the interaction with a fairly large pool of companies all performing similar tasks and services and over quite a long time span. Within this comparative framework comprising many excellent companies your performance is at the very top. I wish you a merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.
Testimonial by: MikkelDate added: 15 Jan 2020

Please can you forward this e-mail to the Managing Director thank you. I would just like to thank your whole team for an exceptional customer experience on every level. From placing my order I received a very quick response in processing my request. Upon calling your company I was once again treated to outstanding customer care when making my payment. My details were found quickly and it was processed with ease. The goods arrived far quicker than when I have placed orders within Australia. I ordered many mugs and glass ware and was expecting a small amount of breakages but no, it was packed by professionals. My 3 large boxes of glassware and ceramic ware travelled to the other side of the world without even a chip. They all arrived in perfect condition. It is very rare these days to receive outstanding service from every element of a business but you have certainly an amazing team of people from the office to the warehouse. Please ensure my gratitude is passed on to your whole team they have all done an amazing job.
Testimonial by: LouiseDate added: 15 Jan 2020

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