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The marathon season has begun and a good support is an essential piece of kit

A common complaint in runners are knee related injuries, a factor that can make training harder and affect performance on race day.

Experienced to novice runners recognise the importance of having the correct kit, meaning supports are at the forefront of their minds.

LP Support offers a range of products for the major injury-prone areas of the body that are designed to meet therapeutic, economic and lifestyle demands.

LP’s medical consultant team adapt the most recent technology to design products where support is only one of the features.

The LP Extreme range is designed using the theories of kinetics and features CoolPrene technology.

This unique technology acts to reduce the common problems with current supports.

The material ventilates the skin to regulate excess heat and sweat, hence enhancing comfort.

The design reduces the possibility of overstretching muscles and increases joint flexibility and agility.

The supports stretch to reduce pain and tightness and enhance circulation.

The Extreme range is also non-slip, allowing athletes to comfortably wear the supports for longer periods of time.

With multiple designs for knee, wrist, thigh, elbow, back and ankle offering dynamic protection, maximum comfort, excellent recovery and performance, LP’s supports are essential for the marathon kit.

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