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Just under 1 year ago, my business partner Brad and I took the initiative and the massive step of opening our own functional training gym here in Stirling. Through a good base fitness knowledge, some great contacts and a lot of long hours and hard work, we eventually managed to get things in order and the new fitness life began.

We were keen to promote a personal touch to our business along with delivering a quality product. With this in mind Brad noticed USN Athlete Richard Gozdecki on one of your posters and stated he used to swim against him. We thought, massive company, excellent reputation, quality products, lets give it a try.

We contacted USN and were quickly directed to the Kerrie Donaghy – Account Executive for Scotland. In the past year we have built an excellent and very productive relationship with Kerrie, who in our eyes, has been a first class ambassador for USN as a company and a brand. In this time she helped and assisted us in setting up our Gym open day and even persuaded USN Athlete Dave Titterton to attend, advise and answer questions at the event. The members, and all those attending really appreciated the efforts and revelled in the chance to meet such a high level athlete. Both the gym, and Dave and USN were the talk of the town for the following weeks.

To top off our very USN year, I was personally was selected to be a USN Ambassador for the upcoming SFN Expo to be held at the SECC Glasgow on 29th/30th August 2015. Which was a great honour and something both Renegade and I are proud of.

We are now hold over £4,000 in USN stock on our shelves and to date have sold over £15,000 worth of USN supplements another statistic we are proud of for such a small gym in such a short period of time.

We feel we needed to express how impressive it is and how much of an impact it can have, when an organisation like USN with a global reach and structure, that can still spare the time to assist and help the small business like ourselves.

Looking forward to the future we thank you.

Colin Ryder

Position: Owner/Head Trainer – Renegade Fitness + Performance
Contact Telephone No: 07845726380

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