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TheMagicTouch are pleased to confirm outstanding success whilst conducting their decoration

TheMagicTouch are pleased to confirm outstanding success whilst conducting their decoration compatibility evaluation of the new range of printable softshell garments from Result Clothing.

The Result CORE Printable Softshell fabric is water repellent, breathable and wind-proof with a mechanical stretch crimped yarn, elastane-free and suitable for printing. TheMagicTouch confirm to have 3 defined decoration solutions to meet markets demands with both single and multi-colour transfer options.
The existing 123Flex used with traditional plotter/cutters with low temperature application properties (110c) together with 36 colour options solves any single colour demands quickly, easily and affordably. The low temperature reduces any possible scorching or heat press impressions directly onto the garments.
For full colour images and complex free-form designs the latest WoW 7.8 transfer paper with unique low temperature application (140c) offers affordable transfer decoration. TheMagicTouch “White Toner” technology opens the market for decorators to create new business and add some ammunition to their sales and marketing. The cost per full colour Brest logo is as low as 40p each with the advantage of involving no cutting or weeding in the process. Having the ability to produce personalised samples and short-run production for customer approval leads to new business and gains customer confidence in both the short and long term.

Jim Nicol, Managing Director TheMagicTouch UK explains, “Garment decorators need to be pro-active in creating new business. Whilst having a good online presence is important nothing beats giving a personalised sample to a customer and selling them the benefits of great quality and great service. Customers want to be sold to and this approach makes it easier and creates real business. Over recent years we have seen a marked increase in customers offering higher quality garments with a niche marketing approach. The new Result softshell range offer some real opportunity as the range cross-over so many markets”.
The company also confirm their Soldark eco-solvent material is also suitable for transfers on the new range when used with the traditional “Print & Cut” options now widely available.

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