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TheMagicTouch – Beanies Meanz Hats!

Beanies Meanz Hats!

With the winter weather arriving and an expected significant drop in air temperature TheMagicTouch are pleased to endorse the Beanie Hat as one of their key products to use as the perfect sales and marketing tool. It’s a “one size” fits all and does what it’s meant to do; keeps your head warm!

Over many years TheMagicTouch have pioneered and assisted customers in using personalised samples to generate new business affordably. The availability of the Beechfield Beanie Hat range of various colours featuring colour co-ordinated printable panels (round & rectangular) makes the decoration and personalisation of the product easier than ever before.

Using the various image transfer techniques available from TheMagicTouch enables almost any potential customer’s design/logo/image to be emblazoned in either single or indeed full colour. The company also recommend decoration using Premium Flock as the finished effect is stunning and resembles embroidery in many recipients’ eyes.

However, creating the personalised sample is just the beginning, the product must then be forwarded to the target customer with a simple message to be conveyed of “No artwork cost, No set-up cost and the first one is free”. When sent to local and existing customers the samples always generate a positive response and create the opportunity to sell. Please note the cost of a decorated Beanie Hat using any of TheMagicTouch transfer methods is around £2 each which is less than a cappuccino on the high street!

Obviously if 10 + samples supplied and no orders are taken then a review of your selling skills and target judgement needs some assistance, which again TheMagicTouch are more than happy to assist with during one of their weekly Zoom product marketing sessions incorporating CRM tips and advice.

This method of marketing, especially when done for local businesses, sports clubs, associations, charities, schools and indeed almost anyone, offers great potential. TheMagicTouch exemplifies the benefits of digital transfer technology with the ability to produce “one off” affordable samples. The same marketing method applies to mugs, High Viz jackets, notebooks and many other affordable products when personalised.

However, if customers opt not to follow this cost effective method of generating business then what options do they have? Many cannot afford the increasing cost of pay-per click to promote their website, many don’t want to employ sales staff (in case they become a competitor in the future) and most online platforms charge high commission rates making the finished product more expensive. More importantly, this method promotes local businesses working with other local businesses something we consider very important at the challenging time and in the future.

Target product marketing is a proven method to create sales.
For further information or to arrange a Zoom demonstration contact or Tel.01582 671444.

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