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TheMagicTouch unveils new colour printers

TheMagicTouch, a global pioneer of the digital image heat transfer process, continues with a host of original developments and innovations.

This month sees the introduction of new colour printers for the production of transfers for sports and leisurewear decoration.

The new TMT/OKi printers are suitable for all transfer papers from TheMagicTouch and now come with a three-year warranty, all for less than £500.

Using the latest toner technology, the durability of transfers, especially for textiles, is outstanding on 100 per cent cotton, denim, nylon, polyester and even leather, regardless of colour. Plus, when not used for transfers the printers are the perfect plain paper office networked device.

One transfer paper in particular that should be of great interest to the sportswear market is the award winning WoW paper, which enables complex full colour designs to be applied to almost any fabric or textile, including nylon, regardless of colour, and involves no cutting or weeding.

TheMagicTouch allows those yet to benefit from garment decoration to do so without the associated financial risk or capital investment.

Sports retailers should consider TheMagicTouch as an additional sales and marketing tool that assists in creating new business from both existing and prospective customers.

“During these difficult times, customers expect more in regard to service and commitment from suppliers,” says Jim Nicol, managing director of TheMagicTouch.

“When submitting a personalised sample for evaluation, the reaction is always positive – and that’s what sales is all about. Customers are impressed when you make a bit more effort and do something a little different to gain their trust and attention.”

TheMagicTouch has almost 20 years’ experience and offers a host of transfer solutions, including the MagiCut range of cuttable textile vinyl, sublimation, printable consumables, heat press equipment, and eco-solvent-based transfer technologies.

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