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Tiny Giants invest in professional kit for the future from GFORCE

Community team Tiny Giants decided that after six years it was time they invested in a professional personalised kit, and selected a supplier that would be able to offer uniform consistency for the future.

GFORCE from Gymphlex is able to represent the team’s unique identity across all garments within the range, so players can select garments based on their personal preferences while still maintaining a cohesive team look.

Based in Kenton, Harrow, Tiny Giants have been competing in a local league for five years. Their team colours are red and black, but as red has become increasingly popular over recent years the team chose to create a striking identity by incorporating white into the final kit designs.

Team manager Roshni Manji comments: “We started off playing in white t-shirts and black bottoms before moving into a netball kit. Our previous kit was an improvement, but I found that we were unable to get a variety of styles in our preferred image.

“With some players wanting dresses, some skorts and tops, and some jackets or even hooded tops, I felt it was important that we found a supplier who could provide a wide range of garments within the same identity.”

As well as utilising their own team colours, the 20-strong team have also incorporated their logo onto their garments.

Tiny Giants are currently kitted out in one of the dresses from GFORCE’s new range of netball dresses, as well as skorts and complementary tops.

Roshni is also finalising negotiations with a sponsor, who are looking to fund a set of training jackets to be used during winter months.

GFORCE’s flexible designs mean that the sponsor will also be able to have their logo applied onto the garment.

For further information on the GFORCE netball range call 01507 523243 or visit

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