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Vango Vista Cinema Screen

The new Vango Vista Cinema Screen is a game changer compared to your usual camping activities.

Its compact size makes it ideal for taking on holiday and it easily attaches to Vango’s SkyTrack® or using the toggled bedroom connectors inside your tent.

Its unique 2-in-1 design gives you flexibility to use as half or full screen depending on the size of your tent and its 130-degree viewing angle gives everyone a bright image from almost every angle. You can expand the seating area for viewing by positioning the projector behind the screen when it’s at full size so all your family and friends can enjoy.

Total Weight
Overall total weight of this product is: 0.55kg

Max packsize of: L12.0 x H25.0 x W7.0cm

2-in-1 Design: Full Size and Half Size Screen
Maximum flexbility for use in every tent size. Large 120 x 160cm full size screen and compact 80 x 1…

4 Point Adjustable Webbing Anchors
Excellent tension on screen to iron out wrinkles and give maximum stability

Detachable Webbing Anchors
Easy to fold-up and move around

Flexible Polyester Screen
Crease-resistant, even after folding

Product and After-Sales Enquiries: Call on: 08447 707058

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