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Winmau Stratos Darts Offer Dual Tungsten Technology

Winmau Stratos Darts Offer Dual Tungsten Technology
New Winmau products offering unique technology are always big news in the world of darts equipment. When Winmau utilises their 65+ years of manufacturing experience and innovation to produce their most technologically advanced darts ever, then the darts community will rightly sit up and take notice.

With the inclusion of two percentages of tungsten in the new Dual Core system, the Stratos pushes the boundaries of aerodynamics to achieve an optimum Centre of Gravity (CoG), so dart players can both see and feel the developments and advantages of these darts.

Manipulating the CoG has been at the heart of Winmau’s search for a smoother, more accurate parabolic curve, and the Dual Core technology has resulted in a forward CoG that results in greatly enhanced performance. The Stratos darts (available in steel and soft tip) promote a smooth launch and low drag characteristic for a true trajectory and uniform airflow over the flights. This leads to less movement in the air, providing more consistent angles of penetration.

The Stratos Dual Core technology combines advanced ballistic theory with innovative super alloy metallurgy. Manufactured with ground-breaking sintering processes to produce Winmau’s first Dual Core tungsten billets, these darts feature uniquely fused 95% tungsten alloy at the front, with 85% alloy at the rear.

Moving to a Dual Core system presented a great challenge to Winmau’s Technical Team, but they believe the results justify the time and effort put into the production of these stunning darts. Simon Hall, Head of Marketing for Winmau, sums up the Stratos darts: “Everything we have learned on forward CoG, uniform airflow, optimum trajectory and superb grip and feel have gone into producing the Stratos range, making them easily our most technologically advanced darts. Our Technical Team has done an amazing job in developing this pioneering product, and the proof they work is in the amazing feedback we have received and the level of sales achieved in such a short space of time.”

The Stratos steel tip darts come in two superb ringed designs with a parallel and slightly tapered version, and players can choose from a weight range of 21 – 24 grams. They feature a durable black Onyx coating and stunning yellow speed rings. The darts are finished with unique Stratos signature yellow flights and shafts and are packaged in Winmau’s high-end premium packaging (complete with aluminium point protector).

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