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X6.0 Kinesiology Tape 50mm x 6.0 metres

The world’s first 6.0m length, super sticky Synthetic Xtreme kinesiology tape.

X6.0 waterproof kinesiology is a synthetic rayon blend, acrylic coated, latex-free tape it helps take pressure off overused muscles, reduce swelling and alleviate pain from injuries
acting as a second layer of skin d3 X6.0 offers support to tired muscles and works with actual skin to increase blood flow and fast track healing in applied areas.

As the synthetic make up of the fabris stops it from absorbing water and moisture. This makes the d3 X6.0 perfect for those in need of the above whilst competing and training water based sports such as swimming, surfing, water polo and competing in sports during those very wet and windy saturday afternoons in the UK.

We stock 7 colours
Colours – Black, Beige, Lime, Pink, Electric Blue, Royal Blue & Orange.

The d3 X6.0 kinesiology tape offers a great product for a great price, whilst giving the consumer an extra metre against many of our competitors.

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