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11 essential facts about Taylors Football Souvenirs

Jill Karadzic, director at Taylors Football Souvenirs, gives us the inside track on the brand

Tell us about the company
TFS has grown from its roots as a cash and carry wholesaler to being the largest online distributor of licensed football souvenirs to the trade. We have developed both a bulk order and direct dispatch service in line with the ever changing retail environment in the 21st century.

What services does TFS offer?
We offer a fast and efficient service to both the high street retailer and online seller. Our friendly staff are happy to help with all enquiries, whether you wish to use our trade service, buy in bulk and stock the product, or our direct dispatch service, whereby you can advertise our full range of products for dispatch direct to your customer from our stock.

What products are in your range?
We stock an extensive range of approximately 6,000 different SKUs across 86 licenses, including most Premier League clubs, top European clubs, England FA, England and Wales Rugby, NFL American football and NBA basketball.

Who is your target market?
Due to TV coverage in recent years, there has been a massive growth in fan-based sport. This and other factors, such as the varied range available and the ‘impulse buy’ price range, provides a wide demographic.

What type of retailer makes the best stockist?
We supply all types of customers worldwide, from large international businesses to small independent retailers. Our diverse range of products and strong brands are a great addition to many different outlets.

What’s the most effective way a retailer can market the range?
The brands stocked at TFS benefit from global media coverage on a daily basis, giving the retailer a marketing advantage on both the high street and online. On the high street, the products benefit from branded point of sale packaging for a very effective display. Online selling platforms and social media sites are also an effective marketing tool.

What support do you offer stockists?
Stockists of TFS products have access to live stock quantity information and professional high resolution images, both of which are essential in today’s online marketplace. Our technical department is able to assist in the integration of our full range of products with a live stock feed and our customer service department is happy to assist with any queries that may arise in a professional and helpful manner.

How do retailers place orders with you?
Placing orders couldn’t be easier. You can order online via our user friendly website, by email or, if you prefer, by telephone.

How quickly do you turn orders around?
We have a large stockholding all under one roof ready for same day dispatch.

Is there a minimum order level?
There is no minimum order level as such, as at TFS we’re happy to work with a retailer to create a stockholding tailored to their individual needs.

Is the brand a member of STAG or Intersport?
Not as yet, but this is something our team are keen to explore further.

For more information call +44 (0)1969 625300, email or visit

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