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20% of retailers would move from high street to cheaper out of town premises

Twenty per cent of retailers would consider relocating from the high street to cheaper out of town premises, according to a study from cloud based retail software provider Cybertill.

Reasons given for contemplating a move included lower rents, free parking, better access for deliveries, more space and an environment that is better suited to multichannel retail.

The survey of 640 retailers from a range of sectors, including sports, outdoor, footwear and fashion, found that 28 per cent of respondents were undecided about leaving their present high street location.

The study also asked retailers about their investment plans for the future.

Just under 50 per cent said they planned to invest in ecommerce over any other sales channel, whereas just one in six were looking to invest in bricks and mortar stores.

The apparent growing importance of ecommerce was also reflected in the fact that 40 per cent of respondents also sell on eBay, with more than one in five retailers saying they also sell on Amazon.

“The high street is struggling, with many retailers complaining about excessive rent and rates,” Ian Tomlinson, Cybertill’s CEO, says.

“This survey clearly shows how retailers are focusing more online than ever before.

“Retailers will leave the high street in droves and relocate if it helps them deploy a more successful multichannel approach to retail where they can trade online, in-store and over the phone.”

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