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2023 Super Bowl

Super Bowl 2023 – 5 Major Issues As Anticipation For The Arizona Showdown Grows

The stage is set for the 2023 Super Bowl LVII! As the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles prepare for the final matchup, it appears that there’s little standing between Philly and their ultimate goal. After crushing an injury-stricken San Francisco 49ers team in a hard-fought battle, this could be the year of destiny for the tenacious Eagles squad.

Kansas City’s thrilling matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals culminated in an electrifying victory, propelling them to their third Super Bowl trip in four seasons. Harrison Butker became the hero as his late field goal sealed the win and created pandemonium within Arrowhead Stadium!

As the clock counts down to game time, coaches are sharpening their teams by passing on skills and wisdom. It’s a crucial moment of preparation when players must answer tough questions – right before it all comes together in the competition!

As the Chiefs and Eagles face off, many questions will need to be answered: Can Kansas City’s pass defense hold up against Philadelphia’s offensive versatility? Will Patrick Mahomes’ ankle injury prevent him from effectively evading their strong rush defense? And can Chris Jones contain a powerful group of Eagle running backs in green jerseys? These are just some of the key matchups that must come out on top for either team to secure victory.

Will The Chiefs Be Healthy Enough?
Kansas City’s thrilling matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals culminated in an electrifying victory, propelling them to their third Super Bowl trip in four seasons.

Patrick Mahomes’ mobility and agility have been a crucial part of his success on the field. Now, with an ankle sprain in tow, that could be put to the test. If he can’t rely on those same stellar skills as usual against opponents, it’s going to make for one interesting game day!

As we inch closer to the highly-anticipated game, all eyes are on star quarterback Patrick Mahomes and whether he’ll be able to take the field in top form. Questions linger not only surrounding his mobility but also many key players – five wide receivers and some defensive pieces have their availability up in the air as well.

Have The Eagles Been Adequately Challenged in These Playoffs?
Despite the Eagles’ incredible regular season, questions remain as to how much of their success is due to luck. Thanks in part to a bye week and underwhelming opponents for both playoff rounds -including an injured 3rd-string rookie QB who suffered a UCL tear yet had no backup- Philadelphia’s path was far from challenging on its way toward Super Bowl contention.

The Eagles may have cruised through the playoffs to this point, but they’ll soon face a challenging test in the Chiefs. Can they rise above their competition? All eyes are on them!

Can Anyone Stop Travis Kelce?
Travis Kelce is an elite tight end and one of the toughest people to bring down in open space. His 1300+ yard season speaks for itself, with 12 yards-per-catch proving he’s a consistent force to be reckoned with. This week, however, Kelce faces his biggest challenge – arguably the greatest defense he’ll have faced this year!

The sheer power between these two teams promises an unmissable matchup that will decide which prevails: unstoppable or immovable?

Will The Eagles’ Pass Rush Prove To Be Too Much?
The Eagles’ defensive front is out to impress – with Haason Reddick leading the pack of 16 NFL sacks and Brandon Graham, Javon Hargrave, and Josh Sweat in close pursuit. But Philadelphia’s task won’t be an easy one against Kansas City superstar Patrick Mahomes who has gone down for a loss only three times this postseason.

The Eagle defense will need to put up their best fight if they want any chance at keeping him contained long enough to sack him as often as possible!

Can Kansas City Handle The Balance Of The Eagles Offense?
With the dual threat of Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia has built an offense that stands alone in its ability to balance passing and rushing. The Eagles are averaging over 145 yards per game on the ground while their air attack could use a boost – no one even cracking 100 receiving yards this postseason yet, with key player DeVonta Smith leading with 97.

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