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5 Best Brands for Running Shoes

The best way to keep your body in tip-top shape is to ensure you are wearing the right running shoes. How do you find them? By reading our guide of course.

If your New Year’s resolution is to get healthier or to get back into the freedom of running, you’re going to need some running shoes.

Don’t be fooled. Those trainers you grabbed while picking up a night-out top were not made for function. In fact, they might cause harm to your body if you run in them. The best way to keep your body in tip-top shape is to ensure you are wearing the right running shoes. How do you find them? By reading our guide of course.

What should you look for in a running shoe?

When choosing running shoes, there are a few key things to consider, such as support level, cushioning, weight, breathability, durability and fit.

Determine whether you need additional arch support for flat feet versus stability for overpronation and inward rolling. Getting a gait analysis at a speciality store can help match foot type to support level. Lightweight is important if speed is your goal and you want to be the topic of the next 32red sports betting odds. Trail shoes tend to be a bit heavier to provide traction and durability. Mesh material uppers allow ventilation, keeping feet cool and dry during runs. This is important if you sweat a lot or run in hot weather. Examine the outsole tread patterns, material quality and reviews on lifespan. More durable outsoles have thicker rubber with deeper lugs which will determine mileage lifespan.

But overall, get properly sized at an athletic store. Remember that feet swell on impact so go up half to full size.


Nike is one of the pillars of sports brands. The athletic giant makes lightweight, stylish running shoes packed with innovative features for responsive speed. Known for innovative features like Flyknit, and React foam cushioning that provide a responsive, comfortable ride. Perennial favourites like the Nike Pegasus offer versatility for daily training and racing. Plus, while expensive, the Vaporfly line has carbon fibre plates that aid efficiency for a competitive edge.


This running speciality company is renowned for maximum stability, pronation control and exceptional gel cushioning technologies. Favoured by runners for stability, support, and shock absorption to prevent overpronation and injury, the Gel technology in models like the Cumulus and Nimbus yield exceptional cushioning. Asics is known for shoes that cater to various types of runners.


Ideal for injury prevention and seamless runs, Brooks offers durable, high-performance running shoes with DNA adaptive cushioning. For example, the BioMoGo DNA midsole adapts to the runner’s weight and stride and there are categories for all running needs, such as glycerine for neutral cushioning and adrenaline for stability.

New Balance

Committed to fit and alignment support through fresh foams and technical design, New Balance empowers athletes of all kinds. Made in US series prized for domestic manufacturing quality, New Balance shoes come in a wide range of sizes, fits and widths, making them very inclusive.


With an aerodynamic style coupled with Everun bounce back and FORMFIT contours, Saucony prioritizes a fluid feel and natural foot alignment. For example, Everun top sole creates lively energy return with each step, FORMFIT technology contours the upper shoe to the foot shape and models like the Ride, Kinvara excels in lightweight responsiveness.


The key is finding the brand and style that aligns with your foot arch, pronation, and intended use, such as marathons, trail running etc. If you are buying online, don’t settle just because you can’t be bothered with the return policy. Trying on shoes remains important for fit and comfort evaluation. You might also want to look into speciality footwear too. For example, many speciality stores offer gait analysis too.

It might be optimal, but running is not a comfortable way to get in your cardio, so it’s important that your footwear aids in your comfort as much as possible to prevent injury.

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