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6 essential facts about Zubits magnetic shoe closures: a revolution in footwear design

This month’s focus is on Zubits magnetic shoe closures. Rodney Annet, managing director of Pinpoint Consumer Electronics, which distributes the brand in the UK and Ireland, tells us more.

Tell us about Zubits magnetic shoe closures
A revolution in footwear design, they make slipping into your shoes as if there were no laces at all. Imagine securing your laces
with a simple click. Imagine removing your shoes hands-free. Imagine no double knots, floppy bows or laces coming undone.
Our patent pending magnetic innovation makes putting on and taking off lace-up shoes faster and easier than ever before.
Just attach Zubits magnetic closures to your shoelaces and let the magnets do the tying. When the magnets are separated, it’s as if three rows of shoelaces have disappeared. Slip into your shoes and click the magnets together, then after a run or a day at the office, step on the heel of your shoe, lift your foot and the magnets pop open hands-free. After the magnets split
apart, you have a wide open shoe again with no knots to untie later. Furthermore, Zubits can be relaced onto all your future shoes. Zubits would not work with even the strongest neodymium magnets alone. A ton of innovation has been put into getting
our magnets to perform in specific specialised ways using magnetic arrays and directed magnetic flux. Zubits are a lot more
expensive to manufacture than one would assume because of the multiple magnets and materials inside. But this technology
is functionally necessary in order to concentrate and multiply magnetic forces toward one face of the magnets for maximum
strength in a small size.

Who are Zubits aimed at?
Initially designed to aid the founders’ children in getting into and out of their shoes, Ryan and Val Wiens found all their friends
and family wanted a pair as well. The stylish sneaker set loves how tidy Zubits closures keeps their shoes looking, while people
with special needs and their practitioners have found renewed confidence and agility using them.The most enthusiastic group though has been a combination of runners, outdoor people, those working out at the gym or doing yoga and triathletes, who appreciate the strength of Zubits and the speed in changeovers. All love the design, strength, simplicity and convenience.

Key features and benefits?
When Zubits closures are separated, it’s as if three rows of shoelaces have disappeared. This gives you a huge opening to
quickly and easily slide into your shoes. Tying your shoes is a snap with Zubits closures. Just pull the magnets together and they attach themselves. Getting out of your shoes with Zubits closures is as simple as pulling your foot up so the magnets split open, leaving your shoes wide open to slip into next time. Zubits magnetic closures actually make your shoes look better. You can keep the shoelaces that match your shoes, but lose the messy bows. Shoe companies never display bows on their shoes because they look ugly. Zubits closures give you that clean display shoe look. You may wear out many pairs of shoes, but you can use the same Zubits closures on all of them. Unlike other ‘no tie’ or elastic shoelace solutions, Zubits closures never fatigue and are waterproof. With all this flexibility, Zubits closures are strong enough to keep your shoes firmly on your foot in all
kinds of activities.

How are they marketed?
Zubits burst onto the scene as the number one most popular design product on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Today, Zubits closures have a strong web and social media presence.Our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds keep a fresh
conversation with the sneaker set, sporty types, people with special needs and their practitioners, families and early adopters.
Our PR firm is getting us exposure through publications, bloggers and associations best suited to share the Zubits story.
We also have an active trade show presence, whereby we’re demonstrating and sharing samples and stories with the wider
shoe audience.

Why do Zubits sell so well?
Instead of meeting the needs of one demographic, they appeal to a huge range of customers. The mum who wants security
and simplicity for their child at the playground, the runner on the street glad not to have floppy bows, the office worker looking for convenience and style, the gym instructor wanting the ease of getting into and out of their shoes – all appreciate the convenience and simplicity of Zubits closures. We’ve shown them to a huge range of people and they’ve been enthusiastically received across the board.

What is the most effective way a retailer can market Zubits?
We have a range of stories and videos a retailer can tap into with their own marketing campaigns, as well as some great
point of sale displays and packaging, all of which do most of the work in explaining and highlighting what Zubits closures
are about. Retailers can also get stories from their customers to share locally on social media, arrange in-store demos and give samples to key demographic leaders like gym instructors, sponsored athletes and even local kids’ sports teams.

For more information email Rodney Annet at or call 01606 558428.

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