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A Sustainability Kick: 5 Outstanding Eco Sports Innovations

In 2022, we’re kicking the ball further. Sports equipment is also getting a sustainability makeover. The ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ mantra is getting implemented into the production of sports essentials, such as football balls, boxing gloves, and skis.

Here, with experts in the business: SIA Austria, a ski instructor academy, we take a look at some of the most outstanding eco sports innovations that will give your sustainable lifestyle a boost.

1. The human power plant

For those who fancy an eco-visit to the gym, SportsArt has launched its ECO-POWR™ technology that aims to revolutionise the way we think about cardio workouts. Its treadmills and cross trainers turn ordinary pieces of equipment into human power plants.

When you work out, up to 74% of your energy is converted into clean, renewable energy that goes into powering your facility. That way, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and saving on your energy bill.

2. Scout headlamp

Sustainable headlamps have new standards. The Swedish outdoor brand Silva has introduced a new headlamp made from the innovative Revo material, which is made from recycled polymers mixed with hemp plant fibres.

The creation received the renowned ISPO Award in 2022, which recognises innovation in sports products and services. And for a reason. Silva’s Terra Scout headlamp generates up to 90% less CO2 emissions during its production compared to standard plastics. Plus, it’s incredibly durable and light, and each headlamp has its own unique appearance due to the colour of the hemp.

3. Skiing down the green slope

For the winter outdoor enthusiasts, SCOTT has manufactured top-notch skis without compromising performance or sustainability. In winter 2022/2023, SCOTT is launching its Superguide LT 95, ideal for ski touring, and that’s another ISPO Award 2022 winner.

With the philosophy of showing respect to the environment, the SCOTT team is applying environmentally conscious practices into the manufacturing of its products. The core of the skis is made of 100% certified poplar wood, and the damping consists of 100% natural flax fibre, replacing a carbon sheet. This not only makes the skis more durable but also boosts your performance and is ideal for kick-starting your gap year ski season with sustainability in mind.

4. Eco balls

Football, soccer, and volleyball are also getting a sustainability revamp with Waboba’s REWILD eco-friendly series, which features balls made from the jute plant and rubber tree. Making earth your playground, you can kick the ball barefoot and worry-free for the ultimate sports experience.

The brand uses plastic-free shipping materials across its series, offering an all-round sustainable experience. Moreover, 10% of proceeds go towards supporting various initiatives dedicated to protecting and restoring the environment.

5. Boxing vegan style

Punch pollution and animal cruelty right in the face with Sananbul’s vegan boxing and jiu-jitsu gloves. Traditional sports gloves are made from animal-based leather.

That’s why Sananbul has resorted to manufacturing professional-level gloves made of vegan leather. While the company features Performance Engineered Synthetic Leather products, it also offers a few styles made from cactus leather and grape leather. These plant-based leathers are sustainable, partially biodegradable and definitely kinder to the environment.

Making an eco-conscious choice in 2022 is easy. With such a wide variety of sustainable products entering pretty much every industry, we can all be working towards our collective goal – saving mother nature. The choice is yours.

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