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All you need to know about Survival

Many motion pictures and shows about survival are more than often very exaggerated. The more controversial and gruesome it is, the better it sells, which is why its heroes are often seen feeding on worms or constructing huts that are made out of leaves. Survival usually doesn’t look like that, though. While it is the art of surviving in difficult situations, it touches on many more aspects of dealing with extreme events. Also, how to prepare for them well in advance to minimize risk and discomfort.

The main principles and types of survival
Survival prepares us for various – but most importantly of all – probable scenarios that may pose a threat to our health and well-being. We need to learn the proper procedures that will increase our chances of getting out of a tricky situation. What’s important is theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as a positive mental attitude and a strong will. Such difficult situations can happen to us in different conditions and in a changing environment, which means that they require different methods of dealing with them. That’s why we distinguish several types of survival, during which emphasis is placed on various aspects and survival possibilities.

What are the types of survival?
Survival in the wilds is the most popular one and it’s all about survival in the outdoors: in the forest, in the mountains or in other remote areas where we do not have access to any infrastructure. It is therefore necessary to obtain food and drinking water, build a shelter, as well as the ability to light a fire, treat wounds and orient yourself in the wild. There is also war survival, which is supposed to help us survive during an armed conflict. To the above-mentioned skills, one should also add the art of camouflage, i.e. hiding from the enemy, or finding a way to communicate with allies.

The last type of survival is urban survival. Urban environments can also experience various types of natural disasters, but in more familiar surroundings. It is therefore worth learning to use the numerous objects and tools that are in our environment. There is also the ability to survive in a large group of people who can be either friendly or pose a risk to our well-being.

How to prepare for survival? The most important tips.
Just like in airsoft, during survival, we can learn a lot, but first it should be mainly practical knowledge. However, we should primarily familiarize ourselves with the theory. It’s worth reading books and blogs, or watching movies prepared by real survival specialists. You should learn about dealing with difficult situations step by step and later applying that knowledge in practice.

The main premise of survival is to prepare in advance in case of emergencies, which also means collecting useful accessories and tools. When we are trapped at home, it is worth having a supply of drinking water, but it is better to have water purification tablets on you at all times. We will also need a tactical knife, appropriate tactical clothing, sleeping bag and tent, compass and flint to start a fire. The equipment should be adapted to the environmental conditions in which the survival will take place – this is also one of the main principles of the art of survival.

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