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Amazon Prime Day will be a $15bn 48-hour bonanza, with UK shoppers alone splashing £1.4bn, says Parc

Shoppers are ready to splash the cash after being trapped indoors for over a year. This year’s Amazon Prime Day event (21-22 June) will see shoppers splurging at least $14.9bn, says ParcelHero. It says many other sites will also see a huge boost in trade thanks to the Prime Day ‘Halo Effect’.

The e-commerce delivery expert ParcelHero says this year’s Amazon’s Prime Day event (21-22 June) is set to break all records. It forecasts last year’s $10.4bn (£7.37bn) Amazon spending spree will rise 44% to $14.9bn (£10.56bn), with Brits alone set to spend a whopping £1.4bn ($1.98bn).
ParcelHero’s Head of Consumer Research, David Jinks M.I.L.T., says: ‘Traditionally, Amazon Prime Day sales have jumped by around 55% every year. We also know that many people who remained employed during the long lockdowns have some serious money burning a hole in their wallets and purses.

‘However, we must also be realistic. Last year’s Prime Day was in October, ideally placed for the beginning of Christmas shopping and at a time when many countries were still in full lockdown. This year, it kicks off on 21 June – the earliest date ever – and the High Streets have reopened. With that in mind, we’re being a little cautious with our forecast this year and predict a “mere” 44% growth in spending over the two days.

‘This reflects Amazon’s latest sales figures, so we think it’s the minimum increase likely on the big day. It means that last year’s global spend of $10.4bn (£7.37bn) will rise to at nearly $15bn (£10.62bn). Indie Marketplace sellers on Amazon are primed for a real bonanza, with sales set to soar from $3.5bn (£2.48bn) to $5.04bn (£3.57bn).

‘Brits are certainly not going to be left out. ParcelHero’s exclusive research reveals that UK customers splashed a huge £18.78bn ($26.5bn) on Amazon over the course of last year and over £1bn ($1.41bn) during the two-day event itself. This year, spending looks set to rise to an enormous £1.4bn ($1.98bn) over the Prime Day event for the first time.

‘Other e-commerce sites enjoy the knock-on effect of all this activity, thanks to what ParcelHero dubs the Prime Day “Halo Effect”. Last year, online sales on non-Amazon sites grew by 69% globally on the first day of the sale. According to Adobe Digital Insights, large retailers also experienced up to 50% increased sales in the days following the last Prime Day – presumably as shoppers searched the web for items they couldn’t find in Amazon’s sale.
‘Finally, some people question whether Prime Day items are genuine bargains. According to one anonymous retailer, Amazon requires that Prime Day discounts are exclusive to Prime members and are at least 5% cheaper than the lowest price on the product over the previous 30 days. Additionally, the products included in Prime Day deals must have at least 3.5 star ratings.

‘The date of Amazon Prime Day was announced shortly after news that the e-commerce giant plans to buy the MGM film studio. You can read more about Amazon’s revolutionary retail and distribution plans in ParcelHero’s in-depth report: Amazon’s Prime Ambition .

Amazon Prime Day will be a $15bn 48-hour bonanza, with UK shoppers alone splashing £1.4bn, says Parc

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