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Sharon Smith, Sales and Marketing Manager for Accessories at PrideSports, explains why retailers should stock more golf product

Softspikes and PTS Golf Tees are a division of PrideSports, which was formed in January 2003 following Pride Manufacturing Company’s purchase of Softspikes Inc and its sister company Trisport Ltd of England.

This acquisition essentially formed the world’s premier golf accessories company. Today, PrideSports is the world leader in the design and manufacture of cleats, spikes, tees and receptacles across the entire golf industry.

Traditionally Softspikes Cleats and PTS Tees are stocked primarily in golf club pro shops and specialist golf retailers, but there are a number of reasons why they should be stocked by independent sports retailers.

Both tees and cleats are ideal gifts for golfers, ranging from Father’s Day presents to stocking fillers for Christmas. By stocking these products your customers will be able to purchase them in your shop, rather than having to make a special trip to a golf discount store, which they might not know the location of.

With the vast majority of golfers playing other sports as well, stocking Softspikes Cleats and PTS Tees makes it much more convenient for your customers to purchase all their sporting products under one roof.

Every golfer also needs to change their Softspikes at least once a year to improve traction, comfort and durability – but they need reminding of this fact because most golf shoes are quickly discarded into the boot of a car or shoe bag after a round and worn cleats are hardly ever noticed.

With colour also playing such an important role in sports equipment today, Softspikes has, this year, added four striking new colour styles to its successful Pulsar range of cleats.

These unique, limited edition cleats are available in pink/salmon, blue/indigo, red/white and yellow/black colour options, ensuring that as well as great performance, Pulsar cleats now make a statement both in stores and on the fairway.

Following the successful launch of the Professional Tee System (PTS) in 2006, PrideSports has also introduced ‘Retail’ and ‘Green Grass’ bags of tees to suit all store sizes.

PTS was created specifically to help golfers optimise their performance on the tee. With four different lengths of tee available, they are specifically designed to cater for the different-sized drivers on the market.

Currently, traditional 2 1/8″ tees, the staple for the last 100 years, are proving to be too short for some modern drivers. As a result, Pride introduced three longer tees – the ProLength 2 3/4″, ProLength Plus 3 1/4″ and Pro Length Max – to cope with growing demand.

The introduction of the PTS system comes at a time when sales of oversize golf tees are increasing steadily. In fact, sales of long tees grew more than 100 per cent at Pride in both 2005 and 2006, and are expected to grow by another 100 per cent by the end of 2007. The idea couldn’t be simpler: each tee is colour-coded to correlate with the growing list of today’s modern drivers.

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