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Aqua Sphere launches fulfilment partner scheme

Aqua Sphere has launched an ecommerce feature that it says seamlessly integrates retailers into the company’s online sales platform so that they receive all the revenue from sales.

The Shopatron solution, popular in American, takes shoppers from the manufacturer’s website to a site where they can purchase its goggles and training aids.

Sale complete, the process alerts the retailer nearest to the purchaser, giving them the option to fulfil the order and reap the revenue.

Martin Newton of Aqua Sphere UK says: “We know most shoppers expect to be able to buy a product online and very often the first point of contact is the manufacturer’s website.

“If they cannot buy at that point they will go elsewhere, perhaps to a large online retailer or another brand who is selling direct. By integrating the tried and tested Shopatron system onto our website, visitors simply click on the shop icon and buy their product at the SRP.

“From their point of view, it’s a simple and fast purchase procedure.

“Behind the scenes, the Shopatron system directs the sale to the nearest signed up retailer, known in this process as a fulfilment partner, providing them with a high margin sales opportunity with minimal effort.”

Brian Dooley of says he’s pleased he signed up to become an Aqua Sphere fulfilment partner, adding: “It’s understandable the brand website is a trusted reference point for many consumers who like to buy direct, but it’s gratifying that Aqua Sphere are being true to their word and not selling direct.

“Like a lot of retailers, we deal with some big brands who have their own websites and are selling direct and, not only that, they are throwing a considerable amount of money at marketing their websites, effectively pushing us further out.

“Conversely, Aqua Sphere are respecting and looking after the retailer. What’s more, the system is selling at the full SRP, so there is no price undercutting and the margin on the product and the postage is good, much higher than the margins available from other shopping websites.

“The system is simplicity itself.

“There is no admin burden and it’s extremely easy to get involved.”

Retailers interested in becoming a fulfilment partner should call 01254 692200 or speak to their Aqua Sphere sales representative.

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