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ASICS Biomechanics Academy

Leading performance footwear and apparel manufacturer ASICS, in conjunction with highly respected podiatrist Clifton Bradeley, is offering the medical profession a unique insight into biomechanics and sports footwear at the ASICS Biomechanics Academy.

The one-day monthly courses offer medical professionals, including podiatrists, osteopaths and physiotherapists, an insight into the technical aspects, design and development of sports shoes.

How can this benefit you as a retailer? As you will be aware, ASICS is the market leader in injury prevention and biomechanically scientific footwear and apparel. The ASICS Biomechanics Academy will build and further strengthen relationships and understanding between sports medical practitioners and improve awareness of strides made by ASICS in footwear research and development.

Should your customers ever require treatment from ASICS Biomechanics Academy graduates, their enhanced understanding of footwear technology could help drive sales in your store via recommendations on particular footwear models and ranges.

ASICS’ performance footwear and apparel is shaped by science and the biomechanic needs of athletes across all sports. With an enhanced understanding of the intricacies and science of footwear technology instilled in the medical profession, the profit opportunity for specialist stores like yours is increased.

Visit and have a look at ‘Find a medical professional in your area’. Here you will find a list of graduates from the course who are willing for ASICS retailers and customers to contact them for informed advice.

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