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‘New generation buy into fuzeX’


True sport performance brand ASICS has always been speaking to runners across generations and over the years has developed a strong following of avid fans. As the market landscape has been changing there has been the importance to focus on the new generation of runners where versatility and design play more of a factor. To meet this, ASICS has created a new range of products called fuzeX.

Launched in February, ASICS unveiled their new fuzeX footwear and apparel. The design was specifically targeted at the new generation of runners providing the ideal balance between performance and style. Across the range there were two different styles of footwear in the fuzeX and fuzeX Lyte, and into apparel with graphic prints and bright colours to capture the imagination of young runners. Whether the aim was to be on the road for 10k runs or working out in the gym, the range was designed to make the younger athletes look and feel good.

As running’s popularity continues to thrive globally ASICS has looked to use fuzeX’s combination of performance and style to suit the needs of a youthful and dynamic demographics. Representing nearly 25% of the running market in Europe, a core generation of runners aged 14-25 are highly active and incorporate running into their lifestyle as part of a wide range of sports activities.

The footwear featured a new technology called fuzeGEL. This is a unique composition of regular midsole material and GEL to promote a smooth and comfortable gait by absorbinf shock on impact and propelling runners forward on repulsion. In addition to the full length fuzeGEL, fuzeX features an 8mm heel drop and moulded engineered mesh upper to give the runners support whilst retaining overall lightweight.

The minimalist design features three-dimensional curves along the entire upper to reflect energy radiating smoothly as the heel hits the ground. With the range of colour variations, runners have been enjoying wearing fuzeX not just for hitting the road or training, but also in day-to-day wear.

To link in with the footwear, ASICS has launched at the same time a new range of fuzeX apparel, which mixes performance with style. The lightweight technical fabrics allow the young runners to perform at their best whilst protecting them from the elements. The versatility of this range, using graphic prints and bright colours, offers them the opportunity to create their own style and look good in whatever sporting activity they are performing.

There have already been some styles that have been popular so far with sports ambassadors, running bloggers and the buying public. For the womens these include the Graphic 7/8 Tight, with a vibrant colour scheme and perfect for HIIT training or gentle running, and the Layering Top, with moulding cups that create a great shape and provide a comfortable fit whatever the exercise. On the men’s side, the rnages have gone down very well with rugby players and the seamless tee, which features sweat wicking fabric to keep the athlete warm and dry.

To promote the new range, ASICS took over five key cities across the UK. Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester, Dublin and Liverpool saw a large out of home marketing campaign centred around the University areas and key retailers. Key shopping sites saw digital takeovers and phone booths splashed around the city had the campaign proudly advertised.

To coincide with the launch, ASICS partnered with Spotify and created the ASICS Run Hub. Users could create a new playlist for a designated run around their City. The partnership tied in with the out of home advertising and opened up new routes and music to runners. This was seen as the perfect partner for ASICS to open up to the younger generation of runners.

As ASICS moves forward there are going to be plenty more styles coming into the fuzeX range as the category grows and develops. ASICS does feel that this is a key demographic in the market and that fuzeX will be at the forefront of it.

To support Retailers with the new fuzeX range, ASICS has continued to develop their B2B website. The SS16 items are available online from now with new colour options available in June, where retailers can see real-time information on stock availability.

Visit the ASICS B2B website today at or see your ASICS representative for more details on 01925 243360.

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