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Brexit is difficult to predict but outdoor products are a lot easier

How do you think Brexit might affect trade in coming months and how will the fluctuations in sterling affect trade?

The ultimate impact of Brexit is still difficult to predict. On one hand, the rising costs of imported everyday goods may lead to a rise in the cost of living and a potential decrease in the disposable income, which may make the customer think twice before spending on outdoor clothing and equipment.

Conversely, the weak pound is making UK-based holidays an increasingly attractive option so we may see growth in the number of families exploring options in the UK.

We would love to see that lead to a growth in experiencing outdoor activities, and hopefully when the consumer chooses where to shop for their kit, Burton McCall can support our customers accordingly.

Recent currency fluctuations are definitely our biggest challenge, and can even affect UK-made goods that use international components or materials.

At Burton McCall we have done our best to minimise price increases by absorbing what we can, and by doing volume deals with our Brand partners wherever possible.

We have also negotiated support from some of our International Brand partners, because they recognise the importance of the UK and don’t want to see their brands suffer.

What’s going to be big this year?

After seeing lots of small evolutions over the last few years in many popular categories, we’re seeing some bold developments from brands in 2017.
CamelBak have unleashed their next-generation Crux reservoir and we’re already seeing huge interest around this new family of products.

Alongside this, they have also launched the ISPO award-winning Quick Stow Chill – an insulated soft bottle for runners.

Running remains huge in the UK, and a continued high level of interest in ultramarathons and trail running events is driving some really excellent product development in hydration vests and accessories.

Stanley are already well known for making food and drink gear that’s ‘Built for Life’.

Well, the new MASTER SERIES is built like a tank.

These products have been designed around Stanley’s new premium insulation technology – QuadVac. Goal Zero are launching their next generation of YETI batteries – their range designed for powering large appliances off the grid.

The latest versions will feature Lithium battery technology, a deep-sleep storage mode, and much more.

They will also be compatible with a wider product ecosystem, including a forthcoming hybrid petrol generator set to re-write the rulebook on fuel efficiency.

Jetboil are stepping outside their comfort zone with the new MightyMo. This tiny stove weighs in at a tiny 95g, but boasts a powerful 10,000 BTU/h output, glove-friendly valve design, piezoelectric ignition, precise simmer control, and a regulator that maintains burner performance in a wide range of temperatures and even when fuel starts to run low.

What do you expect will be sought after products and why?

We’ve seen lots of interest in Goal Zero’s new super-slim panel designs: especially the Nomad 7 Plus. Solar technology has improved significantly in recent years, and this new design adds portability to a fantastic backpacking panel.

Consumers want innovative products which make life easy and fit busy lifestyles. Products with added on functions and bonus features are high on everybody’s radar.

The Mini Lighthouse lantern continues to amaze us with its popularity and huge 500-hour run time, along with its DuaLite Directional Lighting feature. Fully-featured but compact portable power products are definitely ‘in’.

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