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Casey Webb, sales director for Trans-Global Sports, gives us the lowdown on LP-SUPPORT

Can you give us some background on the brand?
LP-SUPPORT has been the most widely used and recommended brand of sports supports in over 60 countries for more than 25 years. LP has been recognised as the industry leader in the sports medicine category and in technical protective wear and has been well received by sports medical professionals. Our goal is to design, manufacture and market technically advanced products for injury prevention, injury treatment and performance enhancement to athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Who are the ranges aimed at?
All LP products are designed to give professional protection and care to meet the challenges of any sporting activity. That said, LP is designed for anyone, no matter how big or small their sporting needs are.

Key features and benefits?
Through careful research, detailed analysis, critical product manufacturing procedures and comprehensive product information, LP thrives on being the most trustworthy provider of quality protection for sports enthusiasts.

We recognise that sports protection has to be both functional and user friendly. That’s why our research and development team combine medical theory with practical application. Our R&D staff of physical therapists, medical consultants and athletes work together to develop innovative professional and quality products. They combine medical research with input from sports enthusiasts to determine the needs of players, before designing, testing and analysing new products and material ideas. This combination leads to durable, high performance supports made from unique innovative materials.

How are they marketed?
LP-SUPPORT’s focus is on quality, innovative features and the fantastic price point. With the company’s many years of experience, LP has become a brand people can trust. As a result, retailers that stock LP have a unique selling point and this is something the brand shall always maintain.

LP has recently begun sponsoring athletes and we are currently seeking new ways to expose the product further. We are currently working with CrossFit athletes and rugby teams to ensure they are receiving the sports supports they need to compete at their very best. You will find LP on social media and advertised across a wide range of consumer sporting magazines. Plus in 2015 LP will be launching a new website in order to communicate the benefits of our product ranges to consumers and retailers in a more effective way.

Why do the products sell so well?
Our extensive central warehouse and supply chain operation, coupled with a superb customer service centre in the UK, allows us to supply a wide range of readily available stock all year round – and in most cases with next-day delivery.

All our products offer strong retail margins and superb value for money. Trans-Global Sports consistently receives outstanding feedback from long-standing customers for both the quality of LP products and our after-sales service, which in turn helps foster new business accounts. We know our customers and we understand their needs.

What’s the most effective way a retailer can market the ranges?
The quality, price and expertise that go into making every single LP product creates a unique selling point for our retailers, who have no trouble selling an LP product over another support brand. The innovative and unique features built into every product outperforms our competition, something we are very proud of.

All I can say to any retailer looking to sell LP-SUPPORT is to try the brand. The sales results speak for themselves.

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