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Common Sporting Injuries

Depending on the sport, it’s a great way to keep fit – both physically and mentally. Plus, it provides social benefits and is fun at the same time.
With all of those benefits in mind, we should still consider the risk of injury. It’s worth knowing what the more common injuries are so that you can treat them quickly when they come about, and so that you can seek the appropriate medical treatment.

Strains and sprains

A strain is what happens when a muscle stretches further than it ideally should. You can think of the fibres in a muscle as a bit like an elastic band. Pull them a little, and they’ll spring back into shape. Pull them too far, however, and they’ll tear. In most cases, a strain will fix itself with rest and ice.

A sprain is the same thing, except that it’s a ligament rather than a muscle that’s been overstretched. Ligaments are the connective strings that attach one bone to the next. You’ll find them around your wrists, ankles, hips and just about everywhere else. Once you’ve sprained a ligament once, you’re more likely to sprain it again.

Knee Injuries

In just about every sport, the knee might be expected to absorb a huge amount of stress. If you’re suddenly moving from left to right, then the entire weight of your body, multiplied by the speed you were travelling at, will be going through your knee joint. As such, injuries to the knee are common.

There’s also the possibility that you’ll be struck on the knee or fall on it. Among the most debilitating kinds of knee problems, they commonly involve the anterior cruciate ligament. As most dedicated sports fans know, these usually require surgical intervention, and they can take months to recover from. In the most extreme cases (usually when the sport involves machinery), amputation might be necessary – which is where you might need an amputation claim solicitor. Mercifully, this is rare.


A blow to the head can result in a concussion. This is a temporary injury to the brain, which can take several weeks to recover from. You should always go to A&E if you’ve been knocked out, if you’ve vomited, or if you have a headache that painkillers can’t deal with.

The list of symptoms is, in fact, quite a bit more extensive than this. It’s worth checking out the full list, since knowing them might save your life one day – or the life of someone else.

Skin Injuries

While they aren’t the dramatic injuries that we might dread, a skin problem can seriously inhibit your ability to participate and enjoy sports. Most of the time, the culprit is clothes or equipment that doesn’t fit properly, and which rubs against you as you move around. Invest in the right gear, and you’ll stand a much better chance of enjoying yourself!

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